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Why posture is everything

Bad posture is not only unattractive, but also contributes to the long term consequences of poor health. Emphasizing the importance of good posture through practice, osteopath specialists, Posture Dynamics, have helped transform the lives of many, simply by providing a professional guide to understanding the benefits of standing correctly. According to the leading London-based osteopathic… Read more »

A catalyst for health education

Prevention, education and treatment are the key elements of focus for London-based osteopath practitioners, Posture Dynamics – helping a spread of generations to sustain their health, fitness and posture. Top levels of expert advice serve as a catalyst for health education at leading osteopath practitioners, Posture Dynamics. A qualified team of osteopaths with more than… Read more »

After contracting Tinnitus on a plane flight, nothing helped until friend’s referral to Cranial Osteopathy

Troo Heath-Crew, a furniture designer from Little Venice in London, contracted severe Tinnitus at the age of 45. “I FIRST experienced it – in my case a persistent low-pitched but loud hum in my right ear – during a flight to Sicily which continued through the holiday. A week or so after getting home I… Read more »

“Builder’s Back Pain” the theme for National Back Care Awareness Week 2012

National Back Care Awareness Week 8th to 12th October 2012. BACK pain, according to charity, BackCare, is estimated to affect four out of five adults at some point in their lives – something many builders out there know only too well. Posture Dynamics was approached by an established builder, 65 year-old Ian, a master builder who… Read more »

Pilates Instructor

Posture Dynamics is seeking an experienced Pilates Instructor to join our team at the Central London Clinic in Victoria. Small group classes as well as 1-2-1 sessions. Please send your CV to

Getting all aspects of posture right can combat stress and anxiety as well as instill confidence

With many people feeling the pinch in today’s climate, stress levels and anxiety are an increasing problem, but knowing about good posture can be a very effective way of reducing these health issues. FIFTEEN year-old Jasmine Rigg was born with Hypermobility, meaning her joints and ligaments are longer than normal, making her ankles roll over… Read more »

Cranial Osteopathy helped cure my tinnitus, joint pain, sleep apnoea and lack of appetite

A FORMER machinery worker with a perforated ear drum was told by an ENT specialist that his four year-old tinnitus was incurable – but has since found a “new lease of life” after receiving cranial osteopathy. Alan Powers, 67, from Harlow, said he now feels “ten years younger” after receiving the treatment, which he said… Read more »

Teaching Good Posture for Children

Just before this terms school year started in September 2011 we spoke with some journalists about the importance of educating children in primary school about posture. From an early age (as young as 3) children develop habits with how they hold and use their posture and body. It is therefore no surprise that it is… Read more »

Posture Dynamics and The Back Show Olympia 2012

Posture Dynamics is at the Back Show Olympia London today and tomorrow (February 24th and 25th 2012). On stand 66 Posture Dynamics, Harper Interiors and Status Seating are working together to showcase products and services. Come along and try out some of the latest and innovative ergonomic equipment recommended by Posture Dynamics including the electric… Read more »

What causes some people to experience neck pain or tension when practising Pilates?

Pain and tension in the neck and shoulders can often be experienced by Pilates beginners.  Although the strength of the muscles in the neck is a consideration* when tension occurs, the most likely culprit is weak abdominals, weak back muscles and poor alignment.  When the neck and shoulders are not properly supported in an exercise… Read more »