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The mother of an eight year old girl who contracted Tinnitus asks why alternative treatments are not referred on by GPs after they failed to help

ELEANOR Gillman was nearly five years old when a boy at her school screamed loudly in her ear in the playground. She complained that day to her mother that her ear had started to hurt and she was experiencing a buzzing noise.

She said:

“On my first day of reception I was sat next to a boy that was upset at leaving his mum for the first time, and he cried and screamed very loudly in my ear. Ever since then I had a loud buzzing noise in my ears that wouldn’t go away.

It was sometimes quite difficult to sleep with it and made being in a noisy classroom and playground at school very uncomfortable for me.

The sound also made it hard to hear and other kids would make fun of me when I had to ask them to repeat what they were saying.”

Mum Joy took her to their GP, who said the noise would go away in time, but Eleanor ended up suffering from the noise for another three years before they were able to find help to cure the condition.

“I didn’t think there was anything I could do. From what the GP had said there seemed there was nothing available which would help. As a result my daughter suffered from three years of constant noise,” said Joy, from Pettswood, Kent.

“Nobody seemed to know very much about tinnitus, let alone how to cure it properly. Eleanor suffered at school because it was more difficult for her to work and it made her very unhappy socially as well. I think now she could have had a very different school experience if I’d have been advised what to do,” she added.

” Joy was being treated for back problems by Daren Fletcher, osteopath at Posture Dynamics, London, when she mentioned her daughter was suffering from tinnitus. He suggested Eleanor should consult Camilla Murphy, osteopath who also uses cranial osteopathy at her Hertfordshire clinic.”

“I thought it wouldn’t do any harm and after a 20 minute session with Camilla it went completely and has never come back. If only I had known about how cranial treatment can help something such as tinnitus, of course I would have helped Eleanor much sooner.  It’s more common in young people than we realise and alternative treatments such as cranial should be publicised more and GPs should be referring them more often,” said Joy.

Camilla said: When it comes to something like tinnitus, it is rarely mentioned in medical books or texts, or on websites  than cranial can help such a condition. For example, in one article about Chris Martin of Coldplay, it suggests there is no real cure and just advises having natural sounds or a radio on in the background to distract from the noise in the ears.

“I see quite a few people with tinnitus and it’s more common than what you may think. Cranial is an amazing way to loosen the body as it enables you to access all the layers, for example, from the central nervous system and membranes to joints and muscles. If the body is restricted, it’s not going to be able to work properly. It certainly is a viable alternative to more traditional ways of treating tinnitus.”

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