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Why “Core Strength” is so important for sport
When talking to athletes and personal trainers, they will all speak about the importance of core muscles….but what exactly is the core and why is it so important for performance in sport? If you look...

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Osteopathy and Pilates assist with safe skiing…
For some, there is no better rush than skiing down a mountain on fresh snow.  With transport to the slops in Europe being better and more accessible than ever, more people are discovering this adrenaline...

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Breathe “Easy”…
Of course we all know that if we cease to breathe we cease to live, however, not many of us consider the way we breathe to have such an effect over the quality of our...

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“Boris Bikes” available to everyone…but be cautious!
With Boris bikes becoming ever more popular as a way of commuting around London it has been brought to our attention at Posture Dynamics the importance of following some basic rules for the commute cyclist...

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Sciatica Relief – Help is out there!
If you have ever had it, you will know that sciatica is an extremely painful and debilitating condition.  It’s easy to despair when you feel constant pain, but it is worth knowing about a few...

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Osteopathy & Pilates for Golf
With Wales hosting the Ryder Cup Golf tournament this year the UK really has turned its attention to the game and its players.  It has brought to our attention at Posture Dynamics, just how many...

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“Builder’s Back Pain” the theme for National Back Care Awareness Week 2012
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