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Pilates for great Posture
2010 has seen the launch of a brand new Pilates class timetable at Posture Dynamics in Victoria.  The central London based Osteopathy clinic has been offering Pilates on a one to one basis for years and...

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"Rebalance" with Posture Dynamics
"Rebalance" is an exclusive and unique concept, bridging the gap between Pilates and everyday life, designed by the team at Posture Dynamics calling on the principles of Pilates providing a series of effective stretches that...

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A catalyst for health education
Prevention, education and treatment are the key elements of focus for London-based osteopath practitioners, Posture Dynamics – helping a spread of generations to sustain their health, fitness and...

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Tips for good posture
The way you walk, sit or sleep effects posture and can constitute to a number of serious, long-term health issues. Leading London-based osteopaths, Posture Dynamics explain the rules to consider for good...

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Cranial Osteopathy
From headaches, asthma, sporting injuries to treating pregnancy and Paediatrics, Cranial Osteopathy is gentle, refined and extremely effective. It is one of the most impressive ways to encourage the release of tension and stress throughout...

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Why posture is everything
Bad posture is not only unattractive, but also contributes to the long term consequences of poor health. Emphasizing the importance of good posture through practice, osteopath specialists, Posture Dynamics, have helped transform the lives of...

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Recent Articles
“Cranial Osteopathy helped cure my tinnitus, joint pain, sleep apnoea and lack of appetite”
‘Getting all aspects of posture right can combat stress and anxiety as well as instill confidence’
Pilates Instructor
“Builder’s Back Pain” the theme for National Back Care Awareness Week 2012
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