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Teaching Good Posture for Children

Just before this terms school year started in September 2011 we spoke with some journalists about the importance of educating children in primary school about posture. From an early age (as young as 3) children develop habits with how they hold and use their posture and body. It is therefore no surprise that it is really important to educate children in primary school about good posture. An article got published in the Watford Observer (The local newspaper for Posture Dynamics Hertfordshire).

“Osteopath says schools should do more to prevent bad posture in children”

Shortly after this article was published, Camilla Murphy (Director Posture Dynamics Hertfordshire and Cranial Osteopath) and I decided to create an assembly for children teaching good posture. The topics we decided to focus on were:



Carrying bags


On 2nd December we presented this to a local school near Posture Dynamics Hertfordshire. We created a fun character called “Cheeky Charlie Monkey” who assisted to help the children understand and practice good posture. We then handed out an information pack (See PDF file) to guide teachers and parents in understanding how good posture can be achieved in children. Please download the PDF file for your own use to help guide your children in achieving good posture.

We hope many parents and children will benefit from this guide we have created.

For further details please download our A guide to Good Posture document here.

Kind Regards,

Daren Fletcher & Camilla Murphy

Directors of Posture Dynamics

School Assembly. "Cheeky Charlie Monkey" Assisting children to good posture.

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