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Rebalance Classes

Rebalance is a 30 minute group workout designed to rebalance, relax and re-energise the body for the afternoon ahead. A Rebalance class is time to focus on improving core strength and flexibility whilst learning techniques that provide awareness of good posture which can be used whilst going about day to day activities.

Whether you sit at a desk for most of the day, are a busy mum on the go or work manually - everybody can benefit from a short time out of the norm to focus on breathing, stretching and accessing the deep core stabilising muscles of the torso, which when engaged can help to prevent injury in the body.

You need not be a regular exerciser or even wear specific gym clothes to join a class, so why not come along during your lunch break and start enjoying the many benefits of Rebalance.

If you ever experience an afternoon slump, there is an easy way to revive your energy!...

Three reasons to join a Rebalance class with Posture Dynamics:

  • The breathing exercises encourage a full and deep breath pattern providing more oxygen to the brain, in effect making you feel more relaxed and waking you up!
  • Stretching releases the physical form of stress that is stored in your muscles - storing tension takes constant work by your muscles and so relieving the work, frees up the energy!
  • Breathing deeply and stretching removes toxins from your muscular tissue and activates your lymph system, thus cleansing the body of pollutants - the end result....You feel great!

Rebalance teaches good efficient awareness of posture for standing, sitting and walking. It gives you a chance to safely stretch the major muscles groups of the body. It effectively mobilises the joints of the neck, shoulders, back and hips and all importantly tones those core postural muscles.

Classes and prices

Our current Rebalance Class details are as follows:

Group Class
Currently we offer one class at the Victoria clinic only.

Class Times

Monday 12:30pm (30 mins)


Pay as you go: £10 per class.
Pre-payment (6 classes): £8 per class.

Click here to read our cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

All classes require a 24 hour cancellation notice. If notice is not given within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged for your session unless we are able to book another client as a result of your cancellation.

All classes are 30 minutes - pre paid classes must be used within 60 days.

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