Odyle Perot (Hands-On Coach)

‘I have looked for a Cranial Osteopath like Camilla for years. Through her hands holding gently the body, Camilla has the ability to find any stubborn stress / tension, and dislodge and release them until the body feels free, breathing and relaxed. I came to Camilla with a body (and a mind!) so tight in every corner, that I could hardly sleep and my body ached everywhere with tension. I started to sleep deeply right after the 2nd session and little by little my body started to remember how it is meant to be: completely relaxed and happy. As Camilla worked on my body, my mind also relaxed. I don’t know anybody else that can do that. My son is now seeing Camilla for his asthma, and on the 2nd session, he felt everything Camilla did including the expansion in his chest and told me that she was very impressive.’

Kate Fenton (Caranio-Sacral Therapist)

After this last session with Camilla I kept repeating to my self ; “I am so glad I came”! She accessed areas in my body that no one else had been able to even recognize and then she unwound them.

I can’t over emphasise the quality of her work. It is not shown in her biography which is modest considering her education, intimate research, and the delicate skill in her work. The practice of Cranio Sacral, which is in the Cranio Osteopathy that Camilla does, itself is considered the Rolls-Royce of therapies. Once practitioners have discovered this, usually after years studying and working with other modalities, they don’t go back. This method works on such a profound and wide reaching level. It would be worth anyone’s while to at least peek at what is involved.

Unfortunately it is subtle, not like a massage. I say unfortunate because when you do any type of therapy that is not mainstream, or within a Doctor’s training or insurance, to help people, you are always under question or scrutiny. It can be very un-stabilizing especially if you are sensitive which is a necessity for a good practitioner.

She has creative talent combined with extensive knowledge as a Cranio Osteopath. This, with such integrity, is very hard to find. I believe in her because of the proof I have seen of her work; I have been in the room as a fellow practitioner and witness many times. I have assessed with her the beginning of the session where a person may be literally stuck in a physical stasis and returned to a more fluid function.

Of course it is unrealistic to expect a fix in one session, though it can happen with babies. She has been kind enough to share her expertise in this area with me yet I am still blown away at her ease with babies. I’ve watched her literally pick up and carry around babies, as if they were just having fun, cuddling, or being calmed from crying. The baby has just fallen asleep or became happy because their body quickly responded and amended itself with her work.

This important, well founded work deserves such a talented practitioner. This is the best one I have ever come across.

Peter Bartlett (Company Director)

Don’t know what she does, but it works!

I had been suffering weekly headaches/migraines for the past 30 years; I was losing one or two days a week with these headaches, doctors were not much help and I took more and more pills without a lot of relief. All aspects of my life were being affected until a close friend told me about Camilla and her healing hands!! I have been seeing Camilla for about 4 months now, initially weekly and have now built up 5 week gaps between our sessions to mange my symptoms. I am cured ! my life has been transformed, thank you Camilla.

Elaine Carville (Pharmacist)

I was recommended to Camilla by a friend following a failed IVF cycle.

I had tried various complementary therapies previously including accupuncture, reflexology and hypnotherapy. I had no idea what “cranial osteopathy” meant  but was happy to try anything which made me slow down and relax.

The treatments were exactly that, very relaxing and I very soon started to look forward to them at the end if my working week.

Camilla has a truly holistic approach and the most wonderful manner meaning it often feels like a visit to a friend rather than a treatment. Because of her training in osteopathy she was also able to tailor my treatment to work on a particular problem area in my upper back and neck where I tend to hold tension.

Camilla has now supported me through 2 IVF cycles and I am happy to say now a pregnancy up to 37 weeks. She is always so accommodating and puts you as the patient first which is exactly what you need during a stressful process like infertility and IVF.

Tamlyn (Teacher & Mother of 3 children)

I first met Camilla 10 years ago when my first child was born. I felt that he would benefit from some gentle treatment as he had quite a traumatic birth.

Cranial osteopathy is amazingly effective for something so gentle and I could see the positive results right from the start, with a calmer, happier baby after every treatment.

I, myself, had several cranial sessions with Camilla during my next two pregnancies. Both births were quicker and easier than the first, I’m sure thanks to Camilla’s treatments.

All three of my children have been seeing Camilla for regular cranial treatments from birth onwards ( my youngest was just  five days old for her first session!) They are all growing up into really strong, healthy people, who would have had a lot more struggles, I’m sure, without Camilla’s gentle help:

One child has s tendency to walk pigeon toed, but after a cranial treatment everything is straight again. Another child complained regularly of headaches, but a session with Camilla sorted that out too! And the list goes on……

I can’t recommend Camilla highly enough!

Natalia (Medical Researcher)

Camilla is a warm and caring practitioner and very good at what she does. Whatever your ailment or health complaint, you will be in good hands with her.

I came to see Camilla with an array of problems with chronic sinusitis and associated headaches being the most prominent ones. I have suffered with it for about 2 years and have taken many courses of antibiotics. I also used various sprays, heat therapy and took a lot of painkillers. Not only it didn’t get better, it got progressively worse. Headaches got stronger and I also started having pain in my jaws, teeth and a lot of painful pressure behind the eyes.

Well, I can honestly say that just after one cranial treatment with Camilla, which I found quite enjoyable, I felt better. I noticed an improvement in my whole well-being straight away. I felt somewhat more positive and energetic. I also stopped blowing my nose every morning and the pressure behind my eyes got better. I stopped having headaches too. I since then had a few more sessions with Camilla and now painkillers free and haven’t used anything for a couple of months. My head feels lighter and I am definitely less congested.

If you have tried many treatments and nothing worked and you find doctors are unable to help, do consider cranial osteopathy with Camilla. I highly recommend it.

Josiane (Teacher)

Camilla helped my daughter get rid of her dizzy spells which the doctors could not help with. As a parent it was such a relief to find someone who could help.

As for me I did not hesitate to go to see Camilla for my frozen shoulder. I knew the outlook was bleak. Frozen shoulders normally take 1 1/2 years to get better and yet by 6 months I was totally fine. I gained total full mobility of my left arm.

I would highly recommend anyone to go to see Camilla for treatment.

Dermot (Business Executive)

As an all too regular visitor to very good physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Pilates practices over the last 10 years for lower back and neck problems, I was recently introduced to Camilla at Posture Dynamics who specialises in Cranial Osteopathy. I must admit to being somewhat sceptical at first but I was very willing to give anything a try if there was a chance it would heal the aches and pains rather than just give temporary relief.

For anybody used to the physical manipulation from osteopathy or physiotherapy and experiencing cranial for first time the hardest barrier to get over initially is psychological. The actual treatment is very subtle but its effects are incredibly powerful and felt in a very definite and deep way within the muscles and ligaments. The key from my perspective was to go in with an open mind and just go with the flow and see what the results were.

For me the results from Camilla’s methods of cranial treatment to date have been fantastic. The tiredness from the aches and pains of the lower back, stiff pelvis and tight hamstrings have virtually disappeared and it has also helped greatly to alleviate neck and shoulder problems.

I still find the concept difficult to truly comprehend as it is un-invasive and low touch but the response from your body to the treatment feels incredibly natural and the overall health benefits I have received from it have been amazing. I would encourage anybody who suffers from similar problems to consider trying it.

Alan (Business Executive)

For about 6-7 years I have had a very stiff and painful hip, arising, I think from a skiing injury I had back in 2004. In the early days I went to at least 7 different bodywork practitioners for treatment, none of whom provided what I considered to be an effective treatment. Finally I went to my GP, who, as I expected, sent me off to have an X-ray so the problem could be simply labelled as ‘arthritis’ so that the only treatment that would then be offered to me would be ‘painkillers’. I was convinced this was not the real issue but given my various attempts at treatment had come to nothing, I pretty much gave up and had no more treatment for about 4-5 years. However, I recently came to Posture Dynamics as a result of a groupon offer and was assigned to Tali Rayner for osteopathy. For the first time since my injury I felt listened to as a client and for the first time a thorough ‘working’ of my hip was the treatment given. So often in the past the ‘treatment’ would end up being a standard overall body massage which I was assured would have a beneficial effect but which suggested to me it was the only treatment the practitioner knew. Tali has given firm, effective treatment of the very stiff muscles around my hip and upper thigh and worked deep into the hip joint to release the muscles that have been almost permanently tense for years.

For the first time in the last 6 years I am beginning to walk without pain and without the anticipation of pain when I come to stairs or other more challenging activities. Whereas my GP told me that my difficulty would mean that I would only be able to take ‘light exercise’ because of my ‘arthritis’, I feel able now to start considering much more energetic activity because of the excellent treatment Tali has given me. She provided a range of very simple but effective exercises to do which stretched the necessary joints and muscles so that I could enhance the benefits of the treatment at home. I liked the fact that I felt I could also play a part in improving my condition and this was another aspect of what I saw as a highly effective treatment from a top professional. I am continuing to receive treatment for my hip but after just a month of treatments, 4 so far, my condition is already more improved than was ever achieved with any of the previous practitioners I have been to. I would highly recommend Tali to anyone considering osteopathy or sports massage for her thorough, simple, effective, professional treatment and friendly, listening manner.

Elizabeth (Manager)

“I have flat feet and a weak lower back.  Over the years I’ve had orthotics made for me and been treated by osteopaths for each specific discomfort or pain that presented itself.  But at Posture Dynamics I’ve found a whole new positive experience!  In one place, I am reaping the benefit of being able to combine traditional osteopathy, cranial osteopathy and pilates to treat my body holistically.  I leave each session not only with any discomfort having been eased but also feeling better in myself.  And at xx years of age, that cannot be overestimated.  J”