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Troo (Bespoke Furniture Designer / Maker)

I first went to see Camilla while struggling with symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, a sensation of spinning as well as strong headaches.  I had earlier been referred to an ENT specialist who had been unable to give a diagnosis, and I was on a waiting list for a brain scan.

As a self-employed furniture maker, frequently using heavy machinery, I had to put my work on hold and was quite despairing about my situation particularly as I had lost confidence in the simplest tasks from putting my shoes on to walking safely along the pavement.  Driving my car was completely out of the question.  When Camilla was recommended to me I jumped at the opportunity to pursue a parallel course to the traditional medical route I was on.

Our first session was a double session and, despite having a positive attitude towards the small amount I’d read about cranial osteopathy, I had never imagined that I would come out with such a tremendous symptomatic relief after the first appointment.  The pressure in my head was incredibly reduced by Camilla’s gentle and subtle work and when I sat up, for the first time in months, I wasn’t hit with the usual nauseous spinning sensation and dizziness.

During this first session Camilla could instantly feel the tightness in my head and neck and ascertained very quickly that the issue was not an isolated ear condition affecting my balance, but one that was very much tied in with complaints I had had in my neck and shoulders over the course of many years.  Alongside these were also a range of pain areas and tensions that had been exacerbated by such events as a recent problem in one of my molars.  This holistic view suddenly made absolute sense to me, something that traditional medicine often overlooks thanks to the emphasis on medical specialisation and the subsequent analysis of parts of the head and body in isolation.

With each session, my symptoms dissipated and after probably no more than five or six I felt totally restored – I had regained my balance and got my confidence back, the tightness in my head was totally alleviated and the headaches had gone.

But that’s not all!  In the process of our treatments, Camilla also worked on other issues that I’d drawn her attention to along the way, namely long-term lower back pain, chronic knee pain and severe endometriosis – all of which, it transpired, were linked in some way.  The interconnectedness of our bodies is quite phenomenal!  Each one of these complaints she treated systematically and each, in a very short time, was dramatically relieved.

The results speak for themselves.  Within two months I was totally able to return to my work and to drive again.  The brain scan results came through all clear, and the ENT specialist still scratched his head.  I have no doubt that had I not pursued this route and met Camilla, I’d still have been totally debilitated by my symptoms and probably, after so long, would be in a situation of heightened anxiety.

But the therapeutic experience in itself was also quite significant.  The sessions were extremely relaxing and produced a profound sense of well-being.  I felt very tuned in to myself and could actually feel the individual, localised ‘releases’ of tightness as Camilla worked.  I always floated out of my session with a feeling that I can only describe as ‘balanced’ both in terms of the whole of my body as well as connected to my mind and to my emotional state.

Camilla has exceptional abilities and outstanding techniques and these are coupled with not only a great insight but also what I can only imagine is a profound intuitive capacity.  Her healing capabilities are extraordinary and if that is not enough, she is one of the loveliest, most warm-hearted, kind-natured (and very funny!) women I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

I already recommended her to my partner who has been suffering with chronic lower back pain and long-term bilateral frozen shoulder and her sessions with him (in conjunction with structural osteopathic sessions with Daren Fletcher) likewise have provided him with enormous relief.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this exceptionally talented practitioner, whether it’s for specific conditions, that maybe traditional medicine hasn’t been able to diagnose or effectively treat, or for a general alleviation of stress and tensions and a rebalancing both physically, mentally and emotionally.

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