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Are you suffering from..

Head Problems?


Many headaches stem from problems in the neck, either from Trauma (e.g car accidents) or from 'wear and tear'. Mobilising small joints in the neck is often successful in abolishing such headaches.

Jaw Problems

After accidents, or an extended visit to the dentist, TMJ or Temporomandibular jaw problems can arise. By using specific osteopathic techniques on and around the maxillae and mandible (the jaw), these problems can be alleviated.


Sinuses may become chronically obstructed, and before surgery is necessary, Cranial Osteopathy may offer welcome relief. Treatments on the head and face, directly on the maxillae and on the mandible (jaw), will follow the drainage lines to release obstructions, and improve the flow of fluids to the sinuses.

Neck problems?

Neck/Shoulder pain

You can wake up with this one morning or it can slowly creep on over time. Often associated with loss of movement to one side and quite scary pain. The sooner we can see you the sooner you will recover.


Can accidents are often associated with neck pain radiating out to the shoulders, causing headaches and even lower back pain. Appropriate treatment can help you recover from this injury.

Shoulder problems?

Catching pain

The shoulder has a little joint at the top called the Acromioclavicular joint. This can 'catch' with movement giving a sharp pain on the top of the shoulder.

"Frozen"/Stiff shoulder

A painful shoulder with loss of movement followed by a very stiff shoulder can be traumatic or can happen for no apparent reason. Some cases respond very quickly - others need ongoing management.

Mid Back problems?

Thoracic Pain

Can be a sharp, catching pain. Sometimes associated with deep breaths and related to ribs.

Elbow problems?

Golfers´ Elbow

You don't have to be a golfer! This pain is centred on the inside of the elbow, especially associated with gripping a whole range of treatments are effective.

Tennis Elbow

You don't have to play tennis to get this pain on the outside of the elbow. Can be associated with neck problems on the same side or can come from overloads with DIY, racquet sports or carrying heavy loads.

Wrist problems?

Carpal Tunnel pain

Pain and pins & needles in the wrist and into the hands/fingers can be really distressing but often responds to osteopathy, especially if caught early.

Abdomen problems?

Digestive Disorders

There are many digestive complaints and one of the most common is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This condition may be treated with medication. However, osteopathy can certainly bring relief through treatment both locally to the stomach wall, and by accessing the spinal nerves at the appropriate position on the spinal column.

Lower-back problems?

Disc problems

A common cause of lower back pain. Posture Dynamics can help with the combination of Osteopathy and Pilates to help settle and stabilise the problem.


A vague term meaning lower back pain. Depending on the diagnosis many different treatments can help with relieving and stabilising the problem.

Sciatic Pain

Neuralgia (nerve pain) along the course of the sciatic nerve, most often pain radiating down the leg from the buttocks to the toes. Most commonly due to a disc problem.

Groin problems?

Groin Strain

A common football injury, though we have seen it in dancers and even water-skiers! Can be a true muscle tear or related to instability in the pelvis. With a competent assessment and treatment, we can help.

Hamstring problems?

Hamstring Tears/Pain

Can be a real muscle tear anywhere from the 'sitting bones' of the pelvis to the back of the knee, or it can be related to the sciatic nerve from the lower back. Other strains from the lower back can also cause pain and aches in the leg.

Knee problems?

Aching Knees

So often people put up with aching knees thinking there is nothing that can be done. If it is osteoarthritis, we can help. Often, it is a pain from behind the kneecap where the cartilage has become irritated and inflamed.

Locking Knee

Knee clunks or clicks tend to 'lock' in position so you can't straighten it. Usually caused by a cartilage or 'meniscus' in the knee that gets trapped.

Calf problems?

Calf Tears

Usually traumatic with pain going on to tip toes or even just walking. Muscle tears like this often respond well to treatment.

Shin problems?

Shin Splints

Actually just means pain at the front of the leg between the knee and the ankle. Can be due to a variety of causes. We often find the feet need looking at as they are the real cause of the pain, especially in runners.

Foot problems?

Arch Collapse

Also called 'Flat foot' or 'over-pronation'. Associated with running and weight bearing activities. Can be the cause of many postural problems giving pain elsewhere. Prescription Orthotics can help to stabilise this problem.

Bunion Pain

Does your big toe bend out? Do you have pain when you put weight through it? Don't despair - sometimes this is associated with arch collapse. We can help!

RSI- Repetitive Strain Injury?

A term that describes a range of over 20 names of musculoskeletal conditions. Treatment has to be undertaken in the context of changing your working and leisure environment.


Osteoarthritis is essentially a degeneration of the articular cartilage of the joint ('Wear and Tear' arthritis). Most common in weight bearing joints (knees, hips) but can happen elsewhere. Osteopathy can be used to treat Osteoarthritis by working on the surrounding tissues and joints. We can also prescribe exercises to help relieve the symptoms.

Ligament Pain/Strain?

Ligaments tie the bones together and are usually injured through trauma (eg. a football tackle).


Through the stages of pregnancy, mothers go through physical and psychological changes with resultant stretching of tissues and alterations to posture. Osteopaths can treat and relieve the discomfort that may occur through these significant changes. Treatment is gentle and safe using cranial osteopathy techniques.

Ankle Problems

Sprained Ankle

A ligament injury (see ligament pain). they say 'a sprain is worse than a break' because pain and stiffness can be so persistent. We can help get you back to normal and show you how to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Achilles Tendonitis

Soreness just above the back of the heel. The strongest tendon in the body attaches here and can become irritated and inflamed.

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