Rebalance Online Class.

Rebalance is an Online workout accredited by our Osteopaths to keep your posture active and spine mobile. It’s fun and effective at mobilising your joints, strengthening core muscles and getting your heart rate elevated.

We want to keep the nation active with good posture and mobile spines. Maybe you work at home still or now going into the office a couple days a week.  This online video class will keep you active, and is easy for everyone to participate in.

The class is a 40 min class and costs £10.

How do I book?

Book Online. using the link below. You will receive all the link details to the class via email after completing your booking.

Click here to book online now

When is the online class and what time?

Every Saturday at 11:30am with personal trainer Linda Velkei Soares.

Please call or email us if you would like more information before booking.


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